Lily Su is a Data Scientist at Data Analytics NYC, a private consulting firm providing reporting and predictive modeling. Lily delivers outcomes that impact businesses in their bottom line and organizations in their efficiency. As a result of Lily’s work, businesses gain a competitive advantage in their strategic decisionmaking.

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Cloud Computing

Leveraging Cloud Computing technologies to auto scale, make it fault tolerant and reduce costs via serverless architecture.

Data Science

Learning from data, data-driven decision making and a focus on predicting the future are core parts of data science.

Machine Learning

Proper machine learning methods are applied based on thorough statistical understanding to generate the best results.

Big Data

I like to use tools like Spark and Presto to query big distributed data sources consisting of relational and NoSQL databases.


Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Solutions.

Check out Lily’s solutions below from deployed scalable models to applied research.

Here are some writings on projects I worked on:

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Whether you are a company or individual, feel free to reach out to have a conversation with Lily and learn how Lily can support you on your company’s growth journey.